Fire Agility Testing


The purpose of the Physical Ability Test (PAT) is to insure the candidate/employee is physically capable of meeting the challenges inherent in the firefighting/rescue profession. Although not all-inclusive, the six phases of the testing replicate many of the physical demands placed on personnel during emergency operations. A maximum time limit is established to guarantee that the candidate/employee is physically capable of completing the tasks in a time frame consistent with fire ground expectations.

PAT Testing Rules

  • Time Allotted for Completion: 12 minutes
  • Firefighter Candidates: Candidates must wear a weighted vest during testing. Long pants, firefighting gloves, safety helmet and closed-toed shoes or boots must be worn. Turn-out gear is not required.
  • No running is allowed during any portion of the test: Running is defined as anytime that both feet leave the ground at the same time. Running will result in immediate disqualification.

The Course

  1. Stair Climb with High Rise Pack
  2. Hose Roll Hoist
  3. Keiser Sled
  4. Slalom Walk
  5. Hose Drag
  6. Victim Rescue

Event 1 - Stair Climb with High Rise Pack

Start at the base of the exterior stairwell with high-rise pack on either shoulder. On "start" command, proceed up 28 stairs to top floor. Stairs may be taken in multiples and handrail may be used. High-rise pack is to be dropped on floor at side opposite of top of stairwell.

Penalty Points

  • A 2-second penalty shall be assessed for dropping high-rise pack in the wrong location.

FF Steps