Dog Park

The North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports Complex offers a fenced in playground for your dog! The dog park includes separate fenced in areas for small (<25 pounds (lbs)) and large dogs. Below is a list of a few basic rules to ensure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Rules & Regulations

  • The City of North Myrtle Beach will not be responsible for injuries to visiting dogs, their owners or others using the park
  • Dog Park Hours: 6:30 am to 8 pm
  • Pick up the poop. If your dog poops, pick it up. Bags and containers are provided
  • Dogs are not allowed that are:
    • Sick
    • Aggressive
    • In-heat females
    • Without current vaccination displayed or too young for rabies vaccination
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  • Personal items, such as chairs, may be brought into the dog park, but MUST be removed when you leave. Any items left after the dog park closes will be removed.
  • Proof of a current rabies vaccination and license is required upon request of a police or animal control officer
  • Dogs that weigh less than 25 lbs are advised to use the small dog park
  • Leash your dog until it is safely inside and return it to leash before exiting
  • Always keep an eye on your dog and maintain voice control to prevent trouble
  • Children (under 16 years old) must be supervised by an adult at all times
  • No dogs without owners, and no owners without dogs
  • Leash your dog whenever you sense problems
  • You are responsible for all injuries and damages caused by your dog
  • Do not let dogs dig holes; if they do please fill them in immediately
  • Keep all food out of the dog park; dogs may become protective or aggressive in the presence of food
  • Access to the dog park may be restricted during special events/maintenance; if so, notice will be posted
  • The City of North Myrtle Beach reserves the right to ban any dog/owner for failure to comply with park rules and regulations

Report Bites & Aggressive Dogs

Report any bite or aggressive dogs to the Park Administrative office immediately by calling 843-281-3800 during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).

After hours, report any bite or aggressive dogs to North Myrtle Beach Public Safety by calling 843-280-5511.