Does the City of North Myrtle Beach provide lifeguards with housing?

No. However, for all those guards out there that have been wanting to join our team but housing has been an issue here is an option that we found. On 14th Avenue S in our city right on ocean Boulevard only steps away from the beach and perfect distance for biking to and from work there is the Bahama sands hotel. 

They are offering long term rentals you can get a room with 2 queen beds, small kitchenette and bathroom. They have room for up to 4 people per unit at a cost of only $1,000 a month that’s only $250 a person if you have 4 people!! All you need is a $200 deposit to reserve a room. As of today they have 15 units available for June-September so if your interested get moving on this and reserve your room today!! The contact number is 843-417-1704 just request to reverse a room at Bahama sands and have your deposit ready. 

The city of North Myrtle beach is not connected in anyway to this hotel this post is for information only in the hopes to help future and current North Myrtle Beach ocean Rescue guards find housing for the summer. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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You can email us to book your room or get more info as well.

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