Municipal Judge
  Honorable Blake A. Martin    
Clerk of Court/Asst. Judge
  Kerry Smith    
Clerk of Court/Asst. Judge
  Robin Johnson    
Assistant Clerk of Court   843-280-5520
  Tracy Scola    
  Rhonda Gardner    
Court Fax
The Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. It hears both criminal and traffic offenses but only offenses which carry a penalty of not more than 30 days in jail and/or $500.00 plus court costs. These also must be offenses that have occurred within the City limits of North Myrtle Beach. These offenses may include driving under the influence, seat belt violations, moving violations (speeding, disregarding traffic signal, reckless driving), insurance and registration violations, criminal domestic violence, trespassing, public disorderly conduct, open container.