City Administration

City Manager Assistant City Manager City Attorney
Risk Manager Public Information Officer City Clerk
City Manager
City Manager:  Mike Mahaney 843-280-5526
  Office Staff:  Merideth Smith 843-280-5604
Asst. City Manager: Steven E. Thomas 843-280-5507
  Office Staff: Debra Brown 843-280-5690
Mike Mahaney, City Manager
843-280-5526 or 843-280-5604

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out council policies and to serve as Chief Administrative Officer of the City. The City Manager manages the City's business and implements the council's plans and orders by:

  • Coordinating the work of all City departments and employees
  • Enforcing City laws and applying council policies
  • Expending monies as approved by the City Council
  • Making recommendations to the council on such items as
    • legislation
    • financial programs
    • capital improvements
    • policies
    • employment
    • services
    • other matters as requested
  • Keeping the council informed of the City's business to include but not limited to
    • financial condition
    • appointing City employees
    • suspending or removing City employees under his jurisdiction (subject to union contractual stipulations)
  • Investigating and acting on complaints
Assistant City Manager   [top]
 Assistant City Manager Steven E. Thomas
Contact:   843-280-5507
Steven E. Thomas, Assistant City Manager
The Assistant City Manager also supervises the Support Services Division, which is responsible for purchasing, inventory, fleet maintenance, fleet acquisition, and the maintenance of City facilities;the Risk Manager, who is responsible for implementing an effective risk management program, developing and implementing safety programs, insuring compliance
with various state and federal health and safety regulations, and developing programs to reduce or eliminate the City’s exposure to losses; the Beach Services Division, which oversees the management of all concessions on the beach and works with the Department of Public Safety in the development and implementation of the lifeguard recruitment process; the Grants/Special Projects Coordinator; the Human Resources Division; and the Public Information Officer.   In addition, the Assistant City Manager is responsible for:
  • Coordinating special projects for the City
  • Overseeing professional contractors and consultants who are providing services for special projects
  • Assisting the City Manager and department managers with strategic planning for operational purposes
  • Administering grants
  • Responding to complaints and questions pertaining to City or department operations or activities
  • Representing the City at various meetings and functions
  • Assisting with policy development and administrative recommendations
City Clerk [top]
 City Clerk:   Merideth Smith
Contact:   843-280-5604
  The City Clerk is responsible for the City Records along with performing various administrative tasks.
  • Attends and records City Council meetings and prepares minutes from the meetings
  • Maintains City code book
  • Files of enacted ordinances and legal documents involving the City
  • Maintains City's historical records
  • Provides copies of City documents [for a Fee]
  • Assists the Election Commission with municipal elections
For additional information regarding Elections, please refer to Chapter 9 in the Municipal Code
 City Attorney [top]
 City Attorney:   Chris Noury
Contact:   843-280-5527
  The City Attorney is the legal advisor to City Council, the City Manager, Departments and appointed Boards and Commissions, providing representation regarding all legal matters that affect the City of North Myrtle Beach. The City Attorney also handles a wide variety of legal issues, overseeing all litigation involving the City, and the prosecution of all cases in the municipal court. 

All written discovery requests regarding Municipal Court matters must be submitted to the City Paralegal and will not be released unless requested under South Carolina Criminal Rule 5 and Brady v. Maryland. For information regarding the current jury trial roster contact the City Paralegal at (843) 280-5609. Any information or documents requested under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act must be submitted in writing to the Public Information Officer.
 Public Information Officer [top]
 Public Information Officer:   Patrick Dowling
Contact:   843-280-5612
  The Public Information Officer serves as the primary spokesperson for the City of North Myrtle Beach. The PIO performs professional work in the timely and efficient communication of City information to the news media, citizens, City Council, departments, staff members, and the public. Duties of the Public Information Officer include: 

  • Keeping the public informed about City programs, services, activities, and issues
  • Coordinating media relations in emergency response situations
  • Responding to inquiries or comments from the public
  • Responding to media requests
  • Responding to requests for information or documents under the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act
  • Writing news releases for City events
  • Publishing the quarterly City newsletter and developing other publications
  • Maintaining the City's television channel
  • Representing the City on a local monthly television program
Risk Manager [top]
  The Risk Manager is responsible for implementing an effective risk management program in a manner that fulfills the mission and goals of the City through identifying and assessing risks, developing and implementing safety programs, insuring compliance with state and federal safety and health regulations, and developing programs to reduce or eliminate the City’s exposure to losses. The Risk Manager is also responsible for: 

  • Reinsurance programs
  • Workers’ Compensation Program
  • Employee Safety and Health Program